3 June 2013

An interview with Marjory from Sacred Flow

Marjory is a space healer - an interior designer, feng shui practitioner and shamanic healer in one. She is also the creator of healing mandalas, a writer, organizer of Sacred Flow Circles... You can explore her website "Awakening Sacred Flow", here.

Hello, Marjory. Your business is called Sacred Flow. Can you tell us in your own words how you visualize the Sacred Flow in our everyday lives?
Thanks for the kind invitation Nina. It’s a pleasure to have this conversation with you.
Sacred Flow--through its teaching, consulting, and art dimensions--reveals, expresses, awakens and integrates the sacred energy of the universe into the daily fabric of our lives. Sacred Flow unlocks our potential from a space of connection, meaning, and purpose that is rooted in a more feminine embodied experience. We all deserve to feel sacred and to live in a sacred way that fills us with aliveness.

How did you discover the Sacred Flow in your own life?
Sacred Flow goes back to my childhood. Feeling the earth in my hands was such a sensual, spiritual experience growing up. Later on, I plunged into the world of literature and fell in love with poetry in all its feminine glory, which I later explored through my architectural studies and work experience. My spatial awareness along with my feng shui, sacred geometry, mythological and shamanic practices emerged as Sacred Flow to help courageous humans create nourishing spaces that support their most beautiful and soulful unfurling.

In your work, how do you tune in with the taste of your client? I can imagine it is a fine line to balance between your personal preferences and those of the client - especially if you find their choices are limiting them?
Space in general is a mirror that allows us to see into our soul’s desires, dreams, longings and rhythms. More than a conversation on taste, this work facilitates a process or rather an experience that puts my clients in touch with their own unique soul, so that they can feel all that yearns to be expressed, seen, and loved--until they come more fully alive.

What is the latest gift from life you received? (big or small, a miracle or mundane)
Life’s invitation to keep on opening my heart, stretching the most sacred of spaces to become a better vessel of service and inspiration. I am being blessed with the most grounding, humbling, and expansive currents of love taking my soul and work to new places!

In a limitless, abundant, all-embracing vision - where would you like to be in five years?
I would love to be sharing these Sacred Flow teachings in retreat settings, empowering creative spirited women and men to feel their beauty, wholeness, and sacredness. I see myself publishing books I’m working on at the moment as well as working on an art exhibition of my mandalas. I am certainly open to what the universe has in store for me! As beloved poet David Whyte says: “What you plan is too small for you.”

When feeling depleted, where do you "fill up"?
I fill up in the beauty of nature, art, spirit. They fill me with immense inspiration, wonder, creativity... The sound and motion of the ocean waves ebbing and flowing. The vitality of the forest. The silence of the desert. Whatever it is, I love to feel that I am in conversation with life. It is not so much where but how and in what intention and awareness I bathe in. The moment I become consciously receptive marks the beginning of a wonderful process of renewal.

Lotus Flower Mandala, energy shifting mandala from Marjory.

I see a great fineness about your awareness and vibration - how do you cope with the less ascended vibrations in this world?
Thank you Nina. These vibrations you refer to are just a reflection of the great sense of disconnect ailing us. I trust love to transform, awaken, and heal our ways for the benefit of all life. When we awaken, the whole world shines brighter. What helps me is to root my being in my deepest intention. I practice letting go to make space for the beauty that is already here, and find my way back to the gifts that fill me with joy so I can then extend these blessings to the whole universe.

Marjory Mejia
Awakening Sacred Flow

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