29 January 2015

Blog has moved!

Dear reader, from now on you can find the blog and the website in one place -> simperi.com .
I hope to see you there soon!

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13 January 2015

Successfully completed!

Hooray! On the 6th January this year I successfully completed the ten modules of the Intermediate Herbal Course, which included the study of anatomy, physiology, herbal therapeutics and the relevant examinations.
I'm eager to deepen my knowledge further. I've learned a LOT in a short time. Now I want to go back to it all, revise, build on my materia medica and get to know 'my plants' better.

If you ever consider to study herbalism, I can really recommend the Intermediate Herbal Course. I took the Intermediate Herbal Course, which is an in-depth study, but you could also start with the Introductory Herbal course. If you'd rather read into articles, monographs and connect with a community, The Herbarium is your way to go.

Learn Herbs As Food And As Medicine in the Online Herbal Course

( These are affiliate links. If you decide to buy from the Herbal Academy of New England I will get a  fee towards supporting my herbalist life and my family. )

And now I will jump back to a couple of weeks ago...
During the Christmas vacation we were to our place in France, where the foodforest is still a baby but has taken root.
Upon arrival we had wonderfully sunny, mellow days - and I got my top bar beehive ready for its first season! We didn't 'install' it in the field yet, that will happen the next time, but it's now there, ready and waiting.
 goldenrod in winter

 the last roses, before frost

I found the last nasturtiums and something orange peeking in between them. The tiniest pumpkin!

And then came the frost and snow. 
Everything was under a white glittery coat overnight.
What does an eager gardener with an impossibly long to do-list do in the case of snow?!
After some hours of being torn between frustration and awe, I snapped out of it, grabbed the camera and headed out for a track hunt. Fun!

These animals are roaming within the garden(s)...the first being our cat.

 And this one is the neighbors' dog :)

The following tracks are from our New Years' walk, outside our garden(s). Can you identify the animals by their tracks? Feel free to comment!