31 August 2014

Future foodforest and healing garden

Planning for the future starts with a grand dream. My dream is now nine years old, and started to materialize one year ago...hold on to your (good) dreams!!

At the moment the (hopefully) future food forest and healing garden is one big, bewildered field - many years ago it was a pasture for horses. There is also a smaller grassland with some fruit trees (and a house :) ).

Last year I started with planting some fruit trees into the field, and until now, every time we get to go there I take one or two trees with me to plant.
It has been a summer with lots of rain and warm, sunny spells - good for the growth!
On the edge of the field I had to cut my way through ferns, the ferns standing as tall as tall as I am, to get to my baby cherry tree... but all the trees were doing fine, what a relief.

It is a plum year! Some of the plum trees were so heavy the branches had broken...what a pity, and what an abundance.

The place is at 750m above sea level, something to keep in mind when planning for the plants.

I harvested some of the wild, clean goodness of healing herbs. Mullein (in the photo below), yarrow, plantain, nettles, rose petals and mugwort.

Feeling very blessed. And a little bit torn between two worlds. Here in Amsterdam I'm propagating and growing plants for there. And when we are there, one of the first tasks is to cut back the brambles creeping into the field...

It is a good lesson in patience for me. The joy of seeing such a dear dream come true gives me patience in the here&now, between two worlds.

Hold on to your dreams. They have a tendency to come true.

30 August 2014

An Update, at last - Animal Communication workshop with Anna Breytenbach

Field harvest in July. Inside the linen towel are nettles for dinner.

Hello there!

In these digital times it is not done to be off-line for the amount of time I did...but I did.

I do recommend weeks and weeks of off-line time - it grounds, gets you back to your roots, back to who you really are.

The updates will be in separate posts, beginning with ...


...Animal Communication workshop with Anna Breytenbach

these photos come from the All Is Energy Academy's blog

Very early in this year I saw the documentary of Anna, the animal communicator, on the internet . 
Tears of gratitude were rolling down my cheeks - here was my proof that inter-species communication exists!

Here is a trailer of the film    (for those viewing this post on Nina's Nature website, click on the header of the post to take you to blogger = see the trailer):

I subscribed to her newsletter, and by chance, two weeks later I got the announcement she was coming to teach in the Netherlands! I jumped at the chance, and got in, amongst an international group of enthusiastic participants, learning to "get out of our own way" with the guidance of Anna, in the first weekend of July.

Anna is a very gentle, firm, informative and gifted tutor, with lots of humour and compassion.
I recommend her to anyone who is interested in learning animal communication.

My own motivation was learning to communicate (better) with plants. I thought that animal communication and plant communication would not be very different. And indeed, it is all interspecies communication, and although after a weekend I can't fluently communicate with all other beings on this Planet, I'm happy to have a solid base to practise further on. (And yes, it works!)

You can find Anna via her website AnimalSpirit.org. On her site, on the media page, you can also find more information about the documentary.