24 April 2013

An interview with Ingrid from Inflow Consultancy

Ingrid is for me a bit like a Fairy Godmother - just as in the fairytales, she too uses her special gift to help the "princesses and princes in distress". These are my words, my exprerience and description in a nutshell.
She is a personal coach but also much more... Her speciality lies in tuning in with the energy of her client, in alignment with a higher level of awareness, allowing a connection on soul level. The underlaying patterns and the reasons behind them are recognized, and the healing - the becoming whole again - can begin.
You can find more information about her and her book on the website www.kuipershaven7.nl (in Dutch).

The interview is a translation from Dutch. You can find the original interview here.

1. Tell us about yourself and your business
When driving, I can't navigate without GPS. In strange surroundings I always get lost. Maps leave me in desperation. And yet I'm good at finding ways. With me you can even embark on a journey. In search for yourself, the patterns in your life. The essence. On the way you will dis-cover that you yourself give the meaning to the happenings that are occuring in your life. That is something I always try to be aware of: that I, myself choose how I react to what ever takes place in my life. I am endlessly interested in the multi-faceted being of people, their stories, their power. In their growth and development. That's where I've found my purpose as a spiritual coach. My office has grown very naturally. From an office at home almost twenty years ago to a historical building with a soul, at the point where three rivers come together.

2. How did you end up doing the work you're doing now?
By paying attention to what made me happy, by discovering what my talents were and what they were not. And by "jumping in at the deep end" every now and then. I quit great jobs while not having anything else. I follow my intuition even when I don't know where it's going to take me. By making mistakes one learns what it means to "do the right thing" - you will learn to recognize it instinctively.
That's how a whole new, abundant spiritual world unlocked to me, through which I could feel connected to that which I couldn't understand in the visible world. And so I became - from a teacher, communication trainer and coach - a spiritual councelor. Beyond the technique I hope to transmit some of the universal love, wholeness and wisdom.

3. What is your favourite tool and material?
My actual tools are my "extra" senses. My energetic abilities to sense through time and space. The wisdom that comes to me, the images that are given to me: material that is given to me - just like that - when I open myself to the universal awareness.

4. What are you  grateful for in this moment?
For everything that is in my life. A lot of love. People whom I love and who love me. That I have work that means a lot to me. That I'm allowed to come so close to people's lives. That so much trust is given to me.
I try to take a moment every day to stop and recognize what has been given in to my life already. Because if you're scared or worried, then it helps to consciously tune in to that positive feeling. It's not bad to feel powerless or scared. But you can decide not to feed those feelings.

5. Are you preparing something at the moment that will soon get out there in the world - something you already want to share?
I'm happy to be surprised by whatever comes my way. There is a project I finished a couple of months ago: the book 'Kuipershaven 7 - Kom op, we maken een avontuur' ( transl. > Kuipershaven 7 is the adress of Inflow Consultancy - Come on, let's go on an adventure' ) that I've written together with my son.
Sometimes I get a glimpse of how fun it might be to make an e-leaning course for personal spiritual development. But first I'm going to enjoy this spring and summer.

6. Who is your hero, source of inspiration or idol?
In any case I don't have a guru since they always give me the creeps. I see talents and characteristics in others, things that I want to develop in myself in a certain moment in my life. I watch their videos on YouTube. I read their websites or books. But it can also be someone in my personal network - a friend or a relative - who gives me food for thought.
What they have in common is that they tread their own paths, they dare to be different. They don't choose for the obvious, usual, cliché kind of life and they are tough enough to endure the scepticism and criticism of their more narrow-minded peers. They see possibilities even when everything that used to give security seems to fall apart.

7. Do you have other things you're passionate about, next to your work?
It would be fun to say something totally unexpected now - that I ride a motorcycle, that I'm actually quite good at ski jumping, that I organize great dinner party's to large groups... But none of that is true. My passion is not my work, but life itself. And how people lead their lives is the central theme of my work.
The word 'passion' is too loaded to use comfortably in my life. But I can enjoy immensely listening to classical music and having dinner with friends. If there's no concert in my agenda to look forward to, I get a bit restless. Perhaps I could say I'm passionate about the St. Matthew Passion. Every year I get deeply touched by the creativity and spirituality, the beauty and intensity of it. And afterwards, a glass of wine. Perfect.

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